Village Parks

On June 15, 1946 the Downers Grove Park District began a tradition of service as a dynamic community resource. On that date, residents voted in a local referendum to create a separate governing agency for the specific function of providing recreational opportunities for the community.

Those foresighted citizens who organized the Park District, the residents who supported its formation with their votes, and those elected to serve as the first commissioners, all held the common belief that parks and recreational facilities are not frills, but are fundamental to the vitality of the local community. The first Park Board members were succeeded by others who shared the realization that parks and recreation services are not discretionary items, but rather an investment that adds value to the lives of our families, neighbors and community, now and in the future.

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" Recreation carries with it a sense of necessity and purpose. However pleasurable this antidote to work may be, it’s a form of active employment, engaged in with a specific end in mind—a refreshment of the spirit, or the body, or both."

Witold Rybczynski, Scottish–born Canadian architect, educator (1943 - )

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