The Downers Grove Community Advocates was founded by a group of Downers Grove citizens late 2004.

Feeling there was a need for a positive voice in our community to help inform citizens and to explore the issues facing our community that will have an impact for many years to come, these people joined forces.

At first, the DGCA met without name and without a specific cause.

Soon enough however, the issue of Home Rule and Strong Mayor came forward. Our name "Downers Grove Community Advocates" was chosen and we were off running; successfully filing a challenge to the Home Rule petitions and filing against the Strong Mayor petitions in Wheaton - the Advocates successfully applied enough pressure to have the petitioners withdraw.
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The April 2005 Elections saw continued success for the Advocates as all the candidates we endorsed won their elections!
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In 2006, we jumped into the Home Rule debate and helped insure that Downers Grove would retained self control. Again, the issue we backed was supported by a vast majority of Downers Grove residents!
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2007 was another local election year and the Advocates saw much success as all our endorsed candidates won!

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It is our intent to advocate for the future in ways that we will all be proud of when we look back at our history.

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon."

Napoleon Bonaparte - French general & politician (1769 - 1821)